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4 Most Common Signs of A Failing Brake System

One of the most important things in your car is the braking system. It makes your vehicle slow down and completely stop. This is done by a lot of components working together, starting from the brake pedal and coming with your brake pads and calipers. While braking, you should feel continuous deceleration while pressing on the pedal - when depressed, a smooth ride with no sudden stops or slowdowns. If you are experiencing anything different, you might have a problem. Here are six of the most common symptoms of a failing brake system.

The Brake Light Is Turned On

The brake light is typically a red circle with an exclamation mark in the center - it's very similar to the parking brake light, so don't get them confused. This light means that something is wrong with the braking system and needs repair. We advise you not to ignore this light because it may be serious.

Weird Noises

Most commonly, a weird grinding or squeaking noise while braking or driving points to a problem with the brake pads or rotors. Uneven wear on the brake pads can cause weird noises - it can also be heard when the brakes aren't disengaging and clamping on while driving.

Vibration When Braking

Vibration or wobbliness is often caused by worn or warped rotors. This can happen as a result of age, wear, or impact with potholes and other obstacles on the road. Visiting a repair shop in time can save you from further damage to the rims, brake pads, and even suspension.

Fluid Leak

Have you noticed a stain on your driveway right next to the wheels of your parked car? If so, that can be because of a leak in the brake lines. Over time, it leaks little by little and starts to drip and form a puddle. This can also result in an unresponsive and slow brake pedal, putting your safety at risk.

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