5 Signs You Need An Oil Change

Oil changes should be performed at regular intervals of around 4,000–5,000 miles, depending on the vehicle. Some cars need them at least once per season or four times a year. But what about some signs that point to oil that needs to be changed? Well, we will take a look at exactly that. Here are five signs you need an oil change and where to find some of the best mechanics at the end.

1. Check Engine Light

An obvious sign of needing new oil is the check engine light, despite it having a lot of other meanings. The most common reason for it switching on is exactly the old, dirty oil that needs to be changed. Make sure to visit a repair shop when you notice the light turning on, just to be sure it's not something serious.

2. Decreased Performance

Is your car struggling to accelerate? The engine oil could be the culprit in this case. When the engine wears down, it starts to lose its properties, causing the engine to work harder and get damaged in the process. This results in subpar performance, which no one wants.

3. Oil Leaks

While it might seem strange, some vehicles are designed with the oil's viscosity in mind. When it breaks down, this exact loss of viscosity causes it to start leaking, especially if it is extremely old and used. Make sure to visit a mechanic near you so they can change the oil ASAP.

4. Oil Seems Dirty

When inspecting the oil, using the dipstick, it should be amber and transparent. While some coloration is okay, if it's thick and brown or, in the worst case, gray with metal specs, this is another story. A metallic color means that the engine has a lot of issues and needs to be checked by a professional.

5. Increased Fuel Consumption

When the engine oil isn't lubricating the parts as intended, the engine itself starts to work harder and consume more fuel. If you find yourself at a gas station more often than usual, the cause could be bad engine oil.

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