Are Winter Tires Necessary in Michigan?

Car tires are some of the most important safety features on your vehicle, and they are especially important during this time of year. With winter coming soon, you may expect to see some snow or icy conditions in Michigan. As the temperatures drop, you might wonder, “do I need winter tires for my vehicle in MI?”. The choice is yours, depending on your driving needs and lifestyle. Read on to learn more about winter tires, and how they can make a difference in your driving this season.

Slick roads can make it difficult for your all-season tires to gain proper traction. They are made to handle various road conditions, but they are quite limited in ice and snow. Therefore, they won’t offer you the best performance. And you won’t have the best confidence driving with them. Winter tires, on the other hand, are made of softer rubber with a special tread pattern. Both of these characteristics give you better traction, making it the safest tire option in freezing weather. Due to their flexibility, winter tires can also improve your brake performance. In fact, they can allow you to break up to 50% faster on ice and snow-covered grounds.

If you want to maximize safety in the winter and feel confident driving yourself and your loved ones, winter or snow tires are the way to go. Now is the perfect time to do it. Winter tires are a great investment to have, and it is simpler than you think to swap them out throughout the years. Some drivers in MI claim that their winter tire lasted them up to 8-9 winters in Michigan’s mild winters.

If you’re interested in shopping for winter tires, our tire shop has exactly what you need. At Auto DR, we carry a large selection of tires, including some of the very best quality winter tires. We welcome you to visit our auto service shop today. Our tire experts will help you pick them out and carefully install them right here at our shop.

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