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How to Repair a Soft Brake Pedal

Sometimes the brake pedal can be used more frequently than expected. As a result, the force applied on the pedal is transmitted to the brake calipers or wheel cylinders, causing the car to stop. A soft brake pedal poses a risky situation that can be fatal. But, how do you identify a soft break pedal problem? Here are ways to identify and repair soft pedal issues.

Tips for Repairing a Soft Brake Pedal

Hydraulic Problem

One of the biggest causes of a soft pedal is hydraulic problems. In the air system, the air is compressible, thus transmitting almost no force to the brake, which causes soft brake pedals. Usually, when stepping on the brakes, the foot compresses the air, delaying the braking in one or two of the wheels.
To fix this, always ensure you do the bleeding of the brake system to flush out any air bubbles in the system. Since the brake fluid is incompressible and makes your vehicle move fast, ensure the brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir never drops below the low mark.

Mechanical Problem

Secondly, the mechanical parts such as the brake pads, rotors, and calipers also can cause a soft brake pedal. The sized-up brake caliper sliders are mostly due to mechanical failure. This leads to pressure being exerted on only one side of the pad, and therefore, the blinding slider or stuck pad springs back, making it feel like the air is in the brake lines.
To solve and repair this, you may have to take the pads apart first to enable the pads and sliders to move freely. Heavily corroded sliders require replacement or major repairs before being put back in. A soft brake pedal results in an increased braking distance. This creates a risky situation in emergencies as it can be dangerous to hit the brakes immediately.
Always check out the soft brakes and fix them regularly to ensure safe travel. Or, you can seek professional assistance to fix the issues. If you need mechanical or hydraulic problems fixed in your vehicle, visit Auto DR today.

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