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Is Driving with a Nail in My Tire Safe?

You're going to have a little nail or screw lodged in your automobile tire at some time. Because of Murphy's Law, you're more likely to find yourself in this predicament after you've had new tires put. But can you still drive with a nail in your tire?

There are times when a nail in your tire might cause you to lose control of your vehicle. We can also assist you in determining whether or not a repair or replacement is the better choice for you.

Is Driving with a Nail in My Tire Safe?

If the nail is little and the tire is still retaining air, then yes, it is okay to drive with it in your tire. It's common for drivers to run over nails without even noticing it. If the nail is huge and the tire is losing air quickly, it's best to take it to a tire shop rather than try to fix it yourself.

If the nail is little and hasn't even perforated the tire, you may remove it; however, be certain it hasn't penetrated the tire treads. If it punctured your tire, take it to a tire shop as soon as possible to get it repaired.

Aside from that, there's no need to drive on a flat or blown out tire. Instead, put on your spare tire and drive to the nearest repair shop.

What to Do If Your Tire Has a Nail in It

To be safe, if you have a tire that is losing pressure due to a puncture, you must act quickly. Turn on your warning lights and find a safe place to stop. Perform a visual assessment of the tire to determine if it is okay to drive on.

If the tire is flat, replace it and drive to the closest repair shop. If you don't have a spare tire or have never learned how to replace a tire, you should call roadside assistance for a tow to a nearby facility.

If the tire is not losing air, you might drive yourself to the closest tire shop. You should, however, proceed with caution and take your time.

Some individuals swear by homemade tire sealants, plugs, patches, and inflators, but they aren't designed to be long-term solutions. If you must use one of the untrustworthy fast fixes, do so only to get to a repair facility. However, these repairs may raise your tire shop expense since they may create additional long-term harm.

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