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Spring Forward with New Suspension

A vehicle's suspension system, specifically your shocks and struts, is often taken for granted. Without them, your drives would turn very bumpy and overall unstable, especially when stopping or turning. As your suspension supports your car, it naturally wears out over time. You should keep an eye for the signs of worn suspension for the sake of your and others' safety.

Drifting or Pulling

With your car keeps pulling left or right, it is a clear sign that something is wrong. When your shocks and struts wear down, it ultimately spreads to your tires and their treads. Therefore, you may need multiple repairs to fix this problem.

Difficulty Steering

Another component that often gets affected along with old suspension is your steering system. Your steering wheel may become heavy or stiff.

Front-End Dives

If the front of your car dips down whenever you brake, it is a tell-tale sign that your suspension parts need to be serviced.

Bouncy Car Rides

A bouncy car ride can be very alarming. If it feels like you've been hitting and feeling every bump on the road, it is a clear sign that you need new shocks or struts. You may even hear a clunking noise whenever it happens.

Leaking Fluid on the Parts

You go to look at the suspension parts yourself, and you notice a wet fluid covering the area. Greasy shocks and struts are a clear sign that the seals have broken and the parts need to be replaced.


You shouldn't neglect your suspension repairs as the damage can spread to your tires, steering, and more. You can count on auto repair shop to only use high-quality parts when servicing your shocks and struts. Don't put off suspension replacement any further, and bring your car to Auto DR for service. 


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