When Is It Time to Get a Tune-Up?

The entire purpose of a vehicle tune-up is to maintain and improve engine performance. It can increase the motor's life span and make driving easier smoother. A typical tune-up usually involves a thorough inspection of your engine components. The technician will adequately examine all the combustion-related parts, such as your fuel pump, fuel injectors, spark plugs, and more. In addition to checking parts for signs of wear, we can top off fluids as needed.


The spark plugs, filters, and other components should be clean to provide smooth and seamless engine operation. All items should be covered, from the car's ignition to the air, oil, and gas filters. What services are needed depends on what your trusted mechanic finds at the time of the inspection. In the meantime, your car may exemplify the following symptoms to indicate it's time for a tune-up.


First of all, you may notice your engine stalling or trouble starting the car. You might also see a check engine light on your dashboard. Another thing you should pay attention to is how your vehicle reacts to acceleration. It may feel laggy or slow when you push on the acceleration pedal, which isn't a typical sign. Other significant warning signs include a decrease in your fuel economy as you may have to fill up your tank more often. Lastly, if your vehicle makes abnormal smells or sounds, it can cause concern. And if your car suddenly starts to vibrate, shake, or show any other unusual moves, it's best to seek help from a professional mechanic. 


When getting a tune-up service at Auto DR, you can expect to have the technician check your ignition system, including spark plugs, wires, fuel system components, filters, and more. They should also inspect and assess all your car's essential belts and hoses and determine if you should replace any of them. All the car's vital fluids should be monitored and topped off if necessary to ensure smooth-running systems.


If you feel your automobile needs a tune-up in Ira Township, MI, we welcome you to call or bring your car to Auto DR today.


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